Cold rooms are easy & fast installed according to Fast Fit & Air-tightness system, all cold rooms are first installed and fitted at our industry and afterwards delivered.
Cold rooms are energy efficient which means less electricity consumption, maximum economy, energy saving.
There are no gaps between polyourethane panels for the bacteria to form.
Cold rooms dimensions according to customers needs, fitted to any space with columns or uneven sides.
All cold rooms doors bear safety lock.
The Amp cold rooms panels are manufactured according to the specifications of the Berlin University by DIN, German ThyssenKrupp steel sheets, Bayer German Polyurethane, offering the largest usable volume space (15% -20%) and they are Number 1 in sales for the countries of the EU for their quality, technology, economy and long lifetime.
There are no joints and grooves that collect microbial.
Food hygiene standards (HACCP).
There is no air passing through the fixtures and fittings that erodes the polyurethane.
They have 3 thermal barriers that retain the produced energy & protect the polyurethane from humidity and corruption.

Product Code: MOD 808TP, MOD 809TP, MOD 809TL, MOD 812TXL, MOD 812TXXL

  • Quick & easy installation
  • Panel Thickness for cold rooms for positive temperatures are from 60mm – 120mm upon request.
  • Dimensions are being set upon request
  • Cold rooms are ready for delivery at any thickness polyourethane panel chillers 60mm- 80mm thickness or freezers 100mm – 120mm.
  • Steel sheets (sanisteel) have anti-bacterial properties (Food-safe quality)
  • All standard cold rooms have a hinged doors of dimensions 0,95 X 1,95 m height with safety lock.

For the technical sheets for sliding doors, press the following link:

Sliding doors (data sheet)