The coldroom & freezer doors are manufactured at our facilities, utilizing the German know-how that we have acquired collaborating with the biggest German raw materials manufacturers of the sector.

Our experience in combination with the excellent quality raw materials & equipment, allow us to manufacture doors of high endurance & thermal insulated according to the European HACCP regulations and with the necessary CE certifications.

Based on the specialized quality control department, we offer 5 years official guarantee as well as at the same price are included the security lock, PVC frame-counter frame (CPR system) and a wide range of color selection. Possibility of construction of any dimension requested with flexible and fast delivery.

The hinged cold rooms doors are being manufactured by industrial refrigeration manufacturer AMP at its own facilities (16.000 m2) in Kryoneri Attica Greece.

Product Code: MOD 608TP, MOD 609TL, MOD 612TXL, MOD 612TXXL



A. Angle – shaped frame, made from heavy duty, robust and reinforced with marine plywood, PVC, with modern German design and high mechanical strength. In accordance with HACCP standards. EASY-PASS (quick & easy assembly).

B. Standard door leaf with Polyurethane insulation supplied from BAYER (Germany) of density 42 kg/m³, with injection at heated press of 500 tonnes. Door surface made from German steel sheets 30% thicker than the competition, plasticized to a thickness of 200 μm with Sanisteel® film coating with antibacterial properties.

C. Single section door (Monoblock), maximum dimension up to 1500 x 2500 mm. It locks in three points with 6 hinges.

D. Lock mechanism & hinges for all hinged doors.

E. Border gaskets, insulating properties with Beehive cells and perfect adhesion, and with door heating element installed for the defrosting.

  • Five year written guarantee.
  • Wide colour range.

For the technical sheets for hinged doors, press the following link:

Hinged doors (data sheet)