The doors MOD 608TP-2, as a key element of the structure and functionality of cold rooms, are perfectly adapted, hermetically sealed and contribute significantly in maintaining temperature constant. The are used for large openings.

Product Code: MOD 608TP-2, MOD 609TL-2, MOD 612TXL-2, MOD 612TXXL-2


A. Angle – shaped frame, made from heavy duty, robust and reinforced with marine plywood, PVC, with modern German design and high mechanical strength. In accordance with HACCP standards. EASY-PASS (quick & easy assembly).

B. Standard door leaf with Polyurethane insulation supplied from BAYER (Germany) of density 42 kg/m³, with injection at heated press of 500 tonnes. Door surface made from German steel sheets 30% thicker than the competition, plasticized to a thickness of 200 μm with Sanisteel® film coating with antibacterial properties.

C. Single section door (Monoblock), maximum dimension up to 1500 x 2500 mm. It locks in three points with 6 hinges.

D. Lock mechanism & hinges for all hinged doors.

E. Border gaskets, insulating properties with Beehive cells and perfect adhesion.

  • Five year written guarantee.
  • Wide colour range.

For the technical sheets for hinged doors, press the following link:

Hinged doors (data sheet)