The automatic sliding doors MOD 808TP-E, 809TP-E, 809TL-E, 812TXL-E, 812TXXL-E are automatically activated using a mechanism of continuous voltage motors of 220 Volt, which is connected by an electrical table suitable and sturdy for use in humid environment.

  • MOD 808TP-E up to 0° C
  • MOD 809TP-E up to -2° C
  • MOD 809TL-E up to -25° C
  • MOD 812TXL-E up to -30° C
  • MOD 812TXXL-E up to -40° C

Product Code: MOD 808TP-E, MOD 809TP-E, MOD 809TL-E, MOD 812TXL-E, MOD 812TXXL-E



A. Automatic activation of sliding door via a mechanism with a motor of DC voltage 220 Volt connected to a multifunction panel. Switchgear IP 56 is suitable for installation in a moist environment and includes an electronic circuit for controlling the functions and an 0,5 kW inverter to control the paths during operation of the opening-closing and the necessary needs in electrical power in respect to the security settings.

B. All automation system is pre-cabled therefore the connection of the board becomes easy through a multipolar connector which is located at the bottom of the board. There are already pre-installed factory settings which are easily changed depending on the needs of each user.

C. Speed is set to 0,27 m/sec (as per regulations). The 0,37 kW engine has a reversible reducer.

D. The primary safety device for crash protection is a sensitive bar resistant type, located on the vertical edge of the door panel, which in case of impact with an obstacle, automatically stops the door and reverses motion, sending a signal to the board. Two safety photocells which in case of obstacle detection during duration of closing, they revert the door motion to avoid collision.

E. The electronic system of protection against electromagnetic effects is applied on the side of the door. The controls of the STOP (end of movement) during the opening and closing by a micro switch is activated by IP 66 cables. The transmission is through a chain with adjustable power and not with tapes for cost reasons with breakage problems.

F. A yellow light is flashing signals that the door is in motion. Besides the many arrangements for opening – closing the door from the board, two cords connected to switches are placed in front and behind the door (at desired distances) to facilitate the operator of the forklift at the entrance and exit of the cold room.


For the technical sheets for automated sliding doors, press the following link:

Automated sliding doors (data sheet)