Security locks for coldroom & freezer doors

They feature inner phosphor display to unlock the door from the inside of the professional refrigerator even when the chamber is locked.

The order of each handle is according to the item No.of the lock. After communication with the cold room & freezer hinged or sliding door department, we can send you the suitable lock mechanism for your cold room door even if it doesn’t belong to the depicted above handles.

In some models, there are available only the internal, the external or a component of the handle like the spring for example.

They bear doors of total weight of 200 kg for hinged cold room and freezer doors and 800 kg for sliding cold room and freezer doors.

The handles operate for 200.000 cycles of opening and closing.

The handles comply to the safety standards of the European norm UNI EN179.

They are heavy type and are accompanied with 5 Years Guarantee.

Most models have security locks.

Adjustable to door thickness of 40 – 200 mm, and they can be regulated up to 6 mm margin.

Certified by CE ΕΝ 170 / 2002.